Georgia Is The Perfect Place To Start A Garden With Kids

Children absolutely love gardening. There is no better way to teach them about where food comes from than to get them actively involved in the process. Giving your children a small plot of land where they can plant seeds and care for plants is a great way to get them in touch with nature.

Georgia is an excellent place to start a garden with kids. Because of its southern location, this state has a relatively long growing season compared to other parts of the country. Because of that, many different types of vegetables do well. It is a lot easier to grow food when the weather cooperates.

Start by deciding how large you want each child’s garden to be. Typically, it is best to err on the side of caution and choose a smaller space rather than a larger one. It doesn’t take a lot of room to grow most vegetables. Even a small plot of land can yield a relatively large harvest. Plus, most children don’t have the patience or wherewithal to care for a larger garden.

Once you have decided on a size and cleared an area of land, you are ready to decide what to plant. Some vegetables are easier to grow than others. For instance, carrots, radishes, peas, and potatoes are all good choices since they tend to do well in a variety of different types of soil. You may want to avoid more troublesome vegetables such as peppers, celery, or lettuce. These vegetables are more prone to problems with pests and disease, making them a lot less fun to grow.

Once you pick out your seeds, you can have your children plant them in the ground and begin watering them. Be sure to label each row of seeds so you know which plants are going to come up. Before you know it, you should start seeing little seedlings poking their heads above the soil. As the plants grow, children can stay involved in the process by watering them and weeding their gardens.

Eventually, when harvest time rolls around, they will be absolutely delighted to be able to eat vegetables that they grew in their own garden. If you are planning on doing this with your children, spend some time finding out what types of vegetables grow best in the part of Georgia where you live. This will improve your chances of success.