We strive to make Lookup Runner be as easy to use as possible, anyway we still have some help files, please have a look here if you are stuck with something.

Load hundreds of stores or other locations in minutes
Keep track of what your customers are searching for
Zip code locator software in your own language
Highlight and move up your special locations
Add more customized information about your entries
Store locator installation guide for PHP and MySQL websites
Location Management

Quickly load your locations from a CSV/Excel file, no need for manual entry of your stores or dealers one by one. Complete set of information fields for locations as well as 5 additional custom fields. Also you can manage products offered in every of your locations, and the available products dropdown list is automatically added to the search form. Locations can be prioritized by being Normal, Featured or Always Shown. You can export your locations to CSV/Excel file, too.

Your customers can also see directions from their location to your stores or dealer locations.

Website Integration
Lookup Runner seamlessly and easily integrates into your website. Just paste a piece of installation code into any webpage of your site and you are ready to go.
Mobile Friendly

The front-end and admin panel of our store locator software features a responsive design that means your clients can pleasantly look for your stores or dealers with their iPhones or other smartphones. You can access the admin panel with your iPhone as well.

If a mobile device has GPS on board then Lookup Runner can make use of that to find out their position and automatically displays nearest locations or stores.

Cost Effective
Lookup Runner is a cost-effective online store locator PHP script with a reasonable, one-time payment and no monthly recurring bills. Our full price is comparable with monthly fees of other zip code locator services. If you need even more advanced options, please let us know, we will do our best to provide a custom solution for all your zip code or store locator needs.